The History of Cornerstone Baptist Church

September 20, 1979 - A few people met in the living room of Claude & Ruby Cook's home to discuss the possibility of beginning a new church. Included in this group were the men who became our first deacons. They remain the only deacons ordained by Cornerstone - Dr. Willie Ray & Claude Cook. Pastor Don & Wilma Mitchell were part of this meeting as well as B.M. Page, who was present as an advisor. Our name was chosen at that meeting as well.

September 23, 1979 - The first service was held at the home of Willie and Mary Ray. A pulpit committee was selected, and Don Mitchell was asked to candidate. He was voted on and elected as Pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church on September 26th, 1979. During the first few weeks, the basement of Willie and Mary Ray's home housed our services. But we quickly grew and space became a problem. We rented the Lawrence Elementary School gymnasium for our Sunday services; Wednesday prayer meetings continued to be held in the Ray's basement. The prayer meetings were later moved to the chapel at Best Lock Corporation.

October 7, 1979 - Charter Member Sunday. There were a total of 87 members and 110 present in Sunday School. Excitement was mounting, for truly God was blessing the ministry. Almost weekly, new members were joining. Soon we were able to rent a house that had been converted to a small church building.

November 14, 1979 - Our first service was held in the renovated house at 8328 Masters Road in Castleton. This was a busy time for Cornerstone. We now had a little more space, a new building to fill, and new people to reach.

November 25, 1979 - A record attendance of 127 was set. The church was growing every week, God was blessing Cornerstone. We soon purchased a bus that was used for classrooms as well as traveling to youth rallies and activities, because we had already outgrown the new building. Then a newer bus was purchased, and it was also used for classrooms.

1981 - We purchased the 13 acres of ground where we are now located. A new building was constructed. We held our first services in the new building at 10701 East 56th Street in Lawrence on our second anniversary. We had a large parade from Lawrence Elementary School to the new church building with cars lined up for nearly a mile.

1982 & 1983 - As we continued to grow, God enabled us to build a new wing in each of these years.

1985 - The auditorium was remodeled to give us more seating.

1987 - We built the David Seabolt Printing Center, which provided non-profit printing for churches and missionaries.

1988 - We began construction on our present auditorium, dedicating it in June 1989.

1999 (Fall) - We began our adventure of teaching the little ones. Cornerstone Baptist Academy presently provides Christian based academics for Preschool-3 through high school.

2000 - We completed our Family Life Center, which is used for Sunday School classes and activities, special musicals and programs. The building includes a gymnasium, and full kitchen facilities.

2008 - We completed converting the printing center into the Seabolt Educational Center, which houses several classrooms for our Academy and Sunday School, as well as a library, computer and science lab.

2009 - We celebrated our 30th Anniversary. Over 900 people, including many past members who have moved throughout the country, came home to help us celebrate this exciting and historic day.

God has blessed us with some wonderful people and a truly exciting church. We look forward to continuing our service to Him until Jesus returns.